It is a very versatile Greenhouse that adapts perfectly to all types of climates and crops and allows the width of each chapel to be adapted to the planting environment of the crops.

In the beginning, The Canarian Greenhouse is used for small and medium sized Greenhouses and now is used for Greenhouses covering several hectares due to its reliability over time and its resistance to wind and dry climatic conditions.

The Canarian Greenhouse model designed and developed by Groupe SMIDCOM is characterized like other models of Greenhouses by a thorough analysis of the project according to the needs and vision of the farmer, followed by a technical study based on all the geographical data and climatic conditions of the site to be exploited without forgetting the right choice of material of the frame, cables and plastic covers.

The Canarian Greenhouse has become an industrial plant production facility where we try to adapt the immediate intoxication of the plant in order to improve its productivity and quality, freeing it from the external climate, the local soil and even the seasons.